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Papad  Chutney( Chamanthi)

papad chutney( chamanthi)

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Cooking Time
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Prep Time
10 min
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hungry democracy Breakfast icon Breakfast
Cooking tools used
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Main Section
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4 unit/count
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coconut oil
5 tbsp
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10 unit/count
hungry democracy ginger icon
1 inch
hungry democracy dry red chillies icon
dry red chillies
3 unit/count
hungry democracy coconut (shredded) icon
coconut (shredded)
1 cup
hungry democracy tamarind (raw) icon
tamarind (raw)
1 inch
hungry democracy green chillies icon
green chillies
1 unit/count
hungry democracy salt icon
1 tsp
Step 1
Chutney is said to be an aid for digestion. it is a concept made in kitchens across india,a few hours or even minutes before a meal is served.
Step 2
cut the papads into four pieces n fry in oil.Keep aside.Take another pan n add two tablespoon oil n add the shallots , ginger n dry red chillies.saute well n when onions fade add curry leaves.Transfer to a jar n add along with it coconut, tamarind ,salt n green chilly.Also add fried papad to the jar.
Step 3
Grind it by just sprinkling water.A thick chutney consistency.Chutney is the oldest form of prepared food known to humans. Most of the time chutney makes up for the absence of any side dishes.
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