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Green Corrionder chutney/Salsa

green corrionder chutney/salsa

This is a spicy and yummy chutney to have with Biriyani rice.

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Cooking Time
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Prep Time
2 min
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hungry democracy Side Dish icon Side Dish
Cooking tools used
hungry democracy Mixer Grinder icon Mixer Grinder
hungry democracy Indian - Malabar cuisine icon Indian - Malabar cuisine hungry democracy Kerala Muslim/Mappila cuisine icon Kerala Muslim/Mappila cuisine
Main Section
hungry democracy tomatoes icon
2 unit/count
hungry democracy coriander leaves icon
coriander leaves
1 handful
hungry democracy green chillies icon
green chillies
2 unit/count
hungry democracy lemon juice icon
lemon juice
2 tbsp
hungry democracy garlic cloves icon
garlic cloves
1 unit/count
hungry democracy salt icon
1/2 tsp
hungry democracy black pepper powder icon
black pepper powder
1 tsp
Step 1
Take a mixer grinder and add tomatoes,Corrionder leaves,green chillies,garlic and salt.grind it to make a fine paste.
Step 2
transfer it to a small bowl.add pepper powder and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice into it.give it a good mix.
Step 3
simple Salsa/green chutney is ready to serve with Biriyani rice.
Step 4
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